the pastor is waiting

In this dream I was at church.
The pastor was preaching and I wasn’t paying attention.
I was doodling on a piece of paper.
The sermon stopped.
 I looked up there was the pastor standing over me like a teacher catching a student cheating.
He was waiting for me to stop and pay attention before he would continue with service.

Waterfalls and Ice

This dream I was walking in a city, unknown to me. I came across what looked like Niagra Falls and the ocean. The ocean was flowing over the falls. There was a storm and the waves were crashing over the falls, making a loud thundering noise it echoed through the neighborhood.

I walked a little further, I found myself on a very high hill looking over another neighborhood in the same city. I then realized, the lowest parts of the village was completely under water. It was

 The sidewalk was icy, I slid down the hill a little. It was too icy and steep for me to climb up. Some old lady appeared and helped me back up.

Once again I was trying to climb out, just like other dreams I had before. I thought the falls and ocean scene was really spectacular. I wish I could draw it!

malfunction, malfunction

This dream is a crazy dream, about something that went wrong at work.

I don’t really work here. It was about a machine that went wrong. It was a huge robotic machine. It assembled something from start to finish. It only required maintainance. Like programming, refilling nuts and bolts, oiling, or removing jammed objects.

Well the machine started to act up and do things on it’s own. It was trying to pound something in with a big arm.

It went crazy!

The machine was pounding so hard and kept pounding, it started to fall apart and parts were flying. One girl that was a mechanic tried to get in there to the control panel to stop the machine.

And she did even when the machine was hopping around and parts were flying. The machine even tried to stop her.

The work area was destroyed. We were rescued from the plant through a window.

The machine had a part that reached outside that was rambling on and on,

“Must complete the order, production aborted, malfunction, malfunction.”

Here come the strangest part. I was walking away from the plant with Joseph Prince, with his arm on me as we were walking, comforting me. I don’t know where he came from. He must have been there praying for us. I felt amazing comfort, so much peace and relief. I wanted to cry. Makes me wonder did he really reach out to me spiritually at that moment? I wonder if he saw that I pinned him on Pinterest? I haven’t watched Joesph Prince for awhile.

Nice Ass

Hmm Nice Ass might have been a prediction for me. He may have been giving me his underwear as a souvenir. He is leaving the office for a new job. This is his last week.

 I have a funny grin on my face every time I see or talk to him. If only he knew what kind of dream I had about him.

the room

Many of my dreams take me to a house, I never been to before in real life. I keep finding this very special room, it’s a lounge with very comfortable seating, it’s eloquent, antique, quiet and very comforting. There are bookshelves, paintings a fireplace a panel windows on one side. There are 2 different entrances from the inside of the house from a main hall.
2 bathrooms but not connected to the room. On one end there is a full bathroom. The other end a just small a toilet and sink bathroom. There is a door leading to outside in the room.
I spent a long time last night trying to figure out if I had been in such a room and what does this room mean too me. Maybe it’s a combination of all living rooms and parts of the rooms I really liked. I mentally roamed many houses I had ever been to. 

Andre the Giant carried me off

I was at church at a youth service. I was sitting among the children. Service was done I stayed to pray. Being among the children made me sad. reminded me me my children. I cried, I really cried! My face and pillow was wet. There was a group that also stayed to pray. There was music but the choir was gone and the other people were not singing. It was the song How Great Thou Art. I thought the music came from Heaven.

When I left the church I found myself in a strange city. I don’t know the city but it was the church I always go to. I go to I explore the city. There were 200 year old historic buildings. I went into a huge old factory it was turned into an expo center. There was a tour bus and rv camper show in one part and a collectable show in the other. I saw a baseball team. There was so much going on I didn’t get to see it all.

 I got in trouble for putting a scratch on an antique.

Then this huge guy looked like Andre the Giant, he picked me up and yelled at me for calling him ugly. He carried me like a doll and he took me to his camper. He was about to kiss me. I fell asleep in the  dream and moved on to something else.

nice ass

This is funny and sort of x rated.

I had a dream about a guy I see every day.  He is very nice, handsome, and charming. He is a career counselor and very professional.

In this dream I saw I whole different side of him.

He came up to the computer I was using and took of his pants and underwear to show me his bare butt.

I don’t remember the conversation before that..So I don’t know how we got to that point. He was like showing off his ass or making me kiss it.

Nice ass!

I was curious to see what the front looked like since he was bearing all. My dream did not let me go there.

I think I was afraid to be disappointed or I might not be able to look at this guy the same way. Even though it was just a dream.

I felt something in my hand, I thought it was something of my own belongings. It was his crumpled up underwear. I was afraid to discover what his underwear really looked like. He made me hold his underwear ewww!

In a later dream I tried to tell his co-workers about the dream I had about him. I guess I revealed a secret crush. Maybe he is getting ready to bear all he can to help me succeed.


Something freaky

The guy in this dream has a new tatoo and is showing it off. He hasn’t shown it to me yet. Is he really going to go all the way?

I am so afraid to ask to see it!

Jesus did it

I was on task with Celebrity Apprentice; Dee Snider was on my team. We had to follow a creek, it was narrow and winding. The creek led right to a home décor shop, full of decorative bowls, vases, figurines, clocks, and more. The store was built right over the creek and the creek was made part of the store. The creek ran right through the store.

Someone in the team went ahead of the team instead of staying together to finish the task.

I got distracted by a shelf full of Jesus figurines, all different stages of Jesus’ life, and different art styles. I got left behind and ruined my chances of winning the task.

One of the rules was not to step or fall  into creek and the other we had to stay together. I think there were things we were supposed to find and collect. I can’t remember those details. We lost members of the team as we went along, through some distraction or automatic elimination because of a broken rule.

Interesting part of this dream started out in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin from an exit for hwy 41 south from Forest Mall area. I haven’t been there for years. Once again I was in a store or place with knick knacks. I was kind of sad Dee got fired this week. I know it’s just a game and tv.

how did my yard get here

I was standing outside a huge, 2 story, brand new home. A man was showing me the home, the last words I heard, I leave this home to you. The man said it is all yours now. I guess he was reading a will.

I walked into the house, to the right I saw a small enclosed patio porch.
I found a master bedroom, with a separate nursery attached. Everything was brand new, modern and luxurious. There were so many rooms. It was fun to go through them all and I found secret roms connected to other rooms.

I ventured out into a hallway it led to a lower level. I looked over the railing to the left was a bar, dance floor and huge cozy lounge area, like huge living room. To the right was a huge dining room.

I get down the stairs and get past the bar and lounge. There was another patio. Much larger than the upper level patio. It started out as part of the lounge then sprawled out. There was a grassy lawn, putting green, gardens, trees, fountains and even small creek.

I felt like I was outside. I got to the very edge I found I was still inside, I ran into a clear glass wall. I looked up and saw a glass dome. I turned around to see it all. I saw the 2 trees and a small creek running between them.

I noticed the 2 trees were cherry trees now this yard looked just like my old home where I grew up. It now was the yard of my old home. I looked outside to view the neighborhood, we were now in my old neighborhood. The dream started out in a new home neighborhood in a different town so I thought.

One freaky thing when I entered the entertainment and dinning area there were people there, strangers to me. I didn’t know anyone. I don’t know why there were strangers in my new home and the one who was showing me the house had no explanation. Just ignored them as if nothing was wrong.

5 of my husband!

I was in a huge 2 story Victorian home, very luxurious and so many rooms. My husband and my children were present.

I come home from work looking for my bedroom. My husband tore down what was my own bedroom. He said I couldn’t have my own bedroom anymore. Yet we have a second floor full of bedrooms and vacant. He wanted to leave them for his family when they visit. He wanted no mess up there.

Then this was where the dream gets too weird. I approached my husband resting on sofa to argue with him. Then I looked in the bedroom off to the side from where I was on the sofa with my resting  husband. There in the room I saw my husband laying in bed sick. Then my husband came into the room and sat on the sofa, where I was with my husband laying on the sofa. He said there are 2 other of me out there in the world yet.

Get it? There were 3 different of my husband in the same room at this point and there were 2 more to come home. The one that tore down my bedroom was the one that sat down on the sofa to explain what was going on. The one sick in the bedroom wanted me to share the bedroom while he was sick. The one laying on the sofa just came home from work.

I think it’s all how I have learned to live with my husband as, a preacher, father, family manager, friend, and prisoner. Soon I will learn to live with him an  ex prisoner.

ice cream dreamy

In this dream I was hanging out at a corner gas station and mini mart after school. One of the workers convinced me to buy a bunch of lottery tickets.

Then an ice cream vendor came in with new products. 2 freezers shaped like ice cream cones with a glass dome top. One flavor was key lime and the other vanilla. They had real liquor. You needed to be 21 and carded before buying a cone of this ice cream.

One regular patron stuck his finger in the ice cream to steal a taste. 1 ice cream cone of this special ice cream would cost $8.00.

The store worker was trying to convince me to buy one cone.   $8.00! No Way!

The ice cream vendor also had single treats to sell. One was a huge sized frozen chocolate sundae.  28 oz tub I guesstimate.

Then I realized I had to get back to school to catch the bus home. Or it would be a long walk home, it may take my all night to walk home.

I remembered I bought lottery tickets and the store worker didn’t give me my tickets. She tried to convince me she did.

I run back to the school down the street. I missed the bus. It was already gone.

I found an abandoned old bike.

While was taking a break from riding. Some kid stole my bike. I ran after him, but he jumped a hill. I thought it was just a trick jump. I followed, I fell straight down. It was ditch in a field. I could not climb out of the hole I was in. It was too high and the dirt was too loose.

I woke up to find myself in climbing motion and potion on my bed. I was trying to climb over my pillow.

where am I supposed to go

This is stupid.

This dream took place in the old apartment where my husband and I started out in.

He brought my job home to me. He brought a gaylord of metal parts that had to be inspected.

The rest of dream I wondered how the heck did he get this heavy gaylord of metal parts up to our second floor apartment. I was looking around to see if there was something about the apartment I didn’t know about.

I know there was no elevator. No crane could get that over the balcony.

As I looked around our unit. I could not find the bathroom. What was the bathroom, looked like an overfilled closet. And there was just a hole in the floor.

I said to my husband what about us girls? Where am I supposed to pee? He was the one that made the changes.

I did have to go to the bathroom.

where is the map

This is fun dream. I was able to fly and be invisible. 

I was a worker in a ceramic and glass factory. The room I was in was full of shelves of glass or ceramic bowls, vases, and boxes. All shapes sizes, colors and styles.

When I didn’t feel like working and wanting to explore all the cool things in the room. I would become invisible and fly around. I think I was as small as a bat. I could fly through tight spots.

While I was flying around I noticed I missed a shelf and carefully flew through the tight spot. One wrong move all the things on the shelves could have come crashing down.

I noticed the music being played. It sounded like Christmas music. I paid closer attention. It was actually a soundtrack to a movie. We were listening to a movie. It was a Winnie the Pooh movie. The finale and after the last song, the movie ended with the words, “Where is the map?” The movie stopped right there.

I became visible. I was standing next to an older woman. I said to the woman I loved that movie and the ending. Like I watched this movie before. I said they never did make another movie to tell us what happened to the map.



The dream I had about my husband, seemed like a reception for a funeral. There were a group of Nigerians greeting and comforting me in a church entrance.

I began to think in my dream; did my husband die in the accident too? Is that why he isn’t living with me or stopped writing me?

I cried in the dream, my pillow and face was wet.

For real

Late in the evening I received a call; a woman had information about my husband. My heart was pounding, maybe my dream was right. My husband died.

It was a message to let my know what happened to him, it was a good thing that happened! I was so relieved!

The Nigerians; my husband is Nigerian

getting past the guards

I went back for a visit at my old dorm. Now the guys dorm was on top of the girls dorm, but had a guards and locked doors so guys and girls don’t sneak in.

The girls told me a story of how the old guys dorm burned down and killed some of the guys. That was why the guys and girls dorm became one. It was 4 levels of girls and 4 levels of guys now.

When I entered my old room, I arrived in the middle of a dispute between 2 girls. One girl was switching rooms with another. I helped with the move.

One of the girls told me that the other was stealing from her and reading her mail. They couldn’t get along any more so one girl was approved to switch rooms with another girl.

I accidentally broke a favorite pen of the girl I was sharing a room with while I visited. I had to find a way to fix it, to make it up to the girl.

I knew a guy upstairs who could fix the pen. I went to the lounge to meet with him. Then he suggested someone else. It was a tough burly ugly guy in a wheelchair. He said,”Sure honey come on board, I will take you to my room!” He was looking at me like he wanted some sex in return.

I wanted to know how he was going to get us past the guards. I thought I was going to escape going with this ugly guy. Then he reminded me the elevator isn’t guarded and it was the only way he could get around in the dorm.

Dream quit before we got any further.

I’m back!

I seem to arrive in a town, I was outside a police station. I really didn’t know where I was or if I lived there.

I started to venture out. I saw this old victorian home next to the police station. I walked over and walked in. 

There I saw my suitcases, I guess they were dropped off for me.  I explore the house it had many bedrooms like dorm rooms. Many of the rooms were empty.

I remembered I did live there, I was gone a long time and many things had changed, many roommates moved out. They didn’t think I was coming back and moved my stuff out.

I heard some noises and discovered 2 people were still living there. I saw them having sex.

I got out of there quick.

cheesecake filled

I dreamed I was working in a bakery. We had a huge orders of cheesecakes, sheet cake and regular round cakes.

The sheet cakes were blueberry, key lime pie and lemon. The round cakes were 2 layer carrot cheesecakes. The whole kitchen was filled with cheesecakes.

I didn’t get to taste any cheesecake. But this one lady was taking one home. I was wondering how did she rate, how did she pull that off?

When I woke up I was so hungry and had the taste of cheesecake in my mouth. That creamy tasty cheesecake. I am still thinking about it now.

Da plane! Da plane!

In this dream

I was taking a walk. I was walking on old abandoned railroad tracks. I come to a tricky part where there the tracks turned into a bridge. But it was worn and some boards were missing and I would have to take big steps to get over the gaps. I would have to balance to cross and there was nothing to keep me from falling it was very high.

Then I found a branch off from the tracks, I begun to follow it. It went through some bushes. There were some boards missing on this track too. I noticed the track went over water. I thought the water was just a puddle. I had some pretty rocks I gathered to take home for souvenirs of my hike. I dropped a rock in the water, I could tell by the way it dropped the water was too deep. And the track wasn’t strong enough for me to walk on. It would have sunk into the water. But the view of horizon ahead was beautiful, I could see a huge body of water, like an ocean or Lake Michigan.

I turned back to go to my house.

My dream changed.

I was alone in the first part of the dream.

Then I was with my family.

I saw a strange shaped flying machine in the air; I thought it was a helicopter. It looked like AJ and a character from Veggie Tales. It was a bi-plane with a cartoon face painted on it.

It landed in a flat field I had come across earlier.

I run back to our house to get my family, my husband, 2 sons, and daughter. I couldn’t find my oldest son. I searched the whole house, I couldn’t leave without him. The rest of my family was begging me to leave him behind and that I won’t find him. They were worried they would miss the plane.

I forgot my son was dead.

But somehow my son appeared. We all went happily together to see and we got to sit the plane.


2 different m’s

I had a good dream but I can only remember the end.

It was an adventure dream, reminded me of the movie Terminator.

I do remember the climax of the story where me and a guy I was working with were about to rescue a friend. 

We were there before (time travel), we were disguised but we were recognized by a nurse.

We escaped without the man we came for. The guy I was with left. I thought he deserted the mission. I have no idea where I was at first.
Then the guy came out of a garage with an ATV. I rode in the back. We were off to go back to the headquarters where we would be transported to the future to save the guy we left behind. We had to go back to do over what we already done before.
As we traveled out of the town we were in, the guy driving was popping wheelies with the ATV.

I first thought my big butt was to heavy for me to sit in the back. No he was just having fun.

He finally got serious and back on track to our mission.

There were 2 different highway M’s one going west the other east and not connected to each other. But one of them was the road that went back to the headquarters. We chose the road going east. I started to recognize where we were, we were on the right road.
Then we come to the interstate highway. I noticed there were beautiful floral murals along the highway. They were actually part of the new government’s way control the people. The same people that were holding the man that were supposed to save.

We were feeling a little disoriented,like there were intoxicating fumes from the flowers.

I thought I missed going to work, that made me wake up suddenly, that made me lose my memory the first part of the dream.

The 2 m’s I think were a way to stop us from completing our mission.

something wrong with the stairs

I was a teen on cruise ship with a bunch of other teens, girls and boys. I was like a convention or workshop for teens.

I was in a board room full of teens it was like the show Apprentice. We were trying to make a program for teens or contest for teens for positive image building.

One girl looked at me and started to rave about my clothes hair and my style she said I was perfect. She wanted to help me learn how to model. We got all chummy and I had a group of new friends to hang out with. We run to their cabin.

Suddenly I realize I don’t want to be friends with them and I realized I wasn’t their age. I turned around to go back up the stairs to where my own cabin should be. I couldn’t get back up the stairs, the stairs were too narrow. Nowhere to put my feet.  

But how did walk down them the first place.

I quit right there I just get back to my cabin.

That meant to me there’s no turning back in life.

lunch line

I was dreaming I was at work making wallets. I was helping a guy sew. I don’t know why I was helping because there wasn’t really anything to do.

Something happened to the guy, his face turned red. He told me to take a piece of paper stating his condition, to the nurse and the nurse would know what to do.

I found myself in that building I go ’round and ’round in.

This time, I found a huge kitchen, bakery, butcher shop and dinning area. I watched the workers prepare foods and meats to sell and eat. I kept coming upon this area but it was not my turn for break.

Finally, It was break time; it was my turn to go through the lunch line. There was every kind of food imaginable.

Just when it was my turn, they run out of huge dinner plates. There were only small plates. That ruined my plans to fill my plate. There was so much to choose from and I wanted to try something of everything.

I found the food place because I couldn’t remember how to get to the nurse’s office. I was going ’round and ’round.

One of my rounds I encountered a high steep ramp, it would have led me right to the nurses office but there was no way to climb that steep ramp. I don’t think anyone could.

I found out what the ramp was for, that was how supplies were delivered to the floor I was on. I stood and watched a cart full of supplies come down the ramp and pass by.

parts of my life being played out like little movies

I still remember one dream from when I was younger. 

I was walking on mountain side road, it was icy cold. I was in my night gown and barefoot. I could not really feel the cold or the ice.

I was accompanied by an old black man, he turned out to be a magic wiseman, he had a diamond pierce on his nose.

He made me look into the diamond, there was a flash of light. Then he turned me to look over the mountain side. There I saw parts of my life being played out like little movies.

The old man explained to me why things happened the way they did.

Then the man sensed I was hungry


a big black woman with pots and pans appeared. The man ordered her to prepare whatever I wished. I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted. Buttery fluffy pancakes or giant shrimp.

I could not really feel the cold or the ice even though all I had on was just a summer night gown. Ifelt naked. I was under the protection of the old man’s powers.

My sister’s fling

This part soap opera..

But my sister is in it.

My sister was married to Jax a character in General Hospital.

My sister somehow hooked up with Johnny Depp.

I caught my sister in huge lounging bed, laying with Jax and Johnny Depp watching tv.

Jax was putting up with my sisters fling with Johnny Depp. It was just a fling or passing thing.

To me it was like Johnny Depp was just a pet to my sister. They were cuddling and kissing.

I think Jax got mad waiting for my sister to get tired of Johnny Depp. When he left for work he was mad and he wasn’t planning to come back.

I asked my sister where did he go, are you sure he didn’t leave you this time.

She wasn’t concerned she just kept playing with Johnny Depp and watching tv.

going ’round and ’round

I have just realized I have been dreaming the same dream over and over, but just a little different each time.


I dream I am at a school where there is a dorm above the school. But once you leave to leave campus, the door automatically locks. There is no going back.

But every time I leave, I realize I forgot something.

The only way back in was going all the way around the school and through the door connected to the school.

Once I enter the school, I am supposed to be attending class not just passing through. I am feeling guilty for not going to class. I want to but, I am either not dressed, don’t have my homework, or don’t have my books etc.

The main reason I am trying so desperately to go back to my dorm room to fix.


And it is a real maze to get to that door. A good reason to think twice before walking out that door. But I haven’t learned that or I wouldn’t be going ’round and ’round.

It’s the same place each dream.

military converting of the world planned

I was dreaming I was at my school. I knew where there was an old abandoned part of the school, that was closed off. I thought was closed off. I went to find the antique library, I found other people had discovered it and were using it. There were students doing homework and reading.

Then I went exploring, then the place was starting to look like a cathedral. I found an gift shop full of religious items. I found these pictures that were , 3D, and people could change the picture whenever they wanted. The shop was full of them.

Then explored some more. I thought I found what was a confessional booth. I always wanted to go inside but was too afraid to. Since no one was around I did it.

It wasn’t a confessional, it was an entrance to a bigger room. I found myself in a mega sized worship room, full of worshippers, a huge choir, and I was right in front of everyone. Nobody paid attention to me, there was too much singing and preaching going on. I just played along and  blended in.

The preacher was dressed in a green military uniform, he called himself soldier for Jesus. The worshippers were also dressed in military uniforms, they were his army. They were getting ready to conquer the world, to convert everyone to believe in Jesus.

I found their secret meeting place. Everyone was suspicious of the preacher, he was also a candidate for US president.

I left the building to tell the world what I found out. When I got outside I found myself nowhere near my home. I wasn’t sure  how to get home from where I was.

as I traveled to find my way home, came across a field, it was the preacher’s military compound and there were military training exercises taking place, with tanks, guns, helicopters,etc.

I was being chased by a soldier MP; just as he was about to catch me, the alarm went off. Saved by the bell!

The library was like an old college library. The fake confessional was ornate with gold curtains. The choir was huge.

The preacher was a skinny short black guy. He didn’t look or act like Obama.

 More like Mr. Jefferson.

romantic rendezvous

I was with a guy; we had the plans of having a romantic rendezvous.

We entered a school building, we thought was empty. It was dark, there was only exit lights were lighting the way.

We played hide and seek..

I snuck into a dark bathroom. My boyfriend was about to find me, but I wasn’t ready to be found yet. I tried to find another room quick.I

I discovered we were not alone. I discovered a teacher working in a classroom. I snuck into a closet adjoined to the room, to see what was going on and still hide from my boyfriend.

We ran down a hallway and discovered our classmates were having a party in another classroom. We were discovered by our classmates and were asked to join the party.

Nobody knew we were there to be romantically together. We had to hide our feeling for each other. We didn’t want anyone to know we were together. We just walk in like nothing was going on between us and we were just there for the party like everyone else.

We were not able to fulfill what we had planned.  😦


En Espanol

I dreamt, attempting to speak Spanish in 2 dreams in one week.

I said, Yo hablo y comprendo Espanol, the person starts talking too fast. I said, no rapido, she kept talking so fast!

(Yo hablo y comprendo= I speak and understand Spanish)  No rapido=not fast)

In another dream, I was repeating, me gusta, muchas cosas.  (me gusta muchas cosas=I like many things)

I was excited about the Hispanic community event to take place in my church!

Chaos in my house

I came home to my old home for a visit.  The first thing I did was a load of wash.

The next morning, it was time for my brother and sister to go to school.

A little boy came to the door asking if my brother could come out to play. I said no it’s time for school.

Then the father of the boy came in.  He was looking at the house as if it were for sale. Asking all kinds of questions.

I forgot I saw for sale sign in the front yard. I guess I didn’t want to believe the old house was really going to be sold.

I go upstairs to get dressed. I find I didn’t have any clothes. I run downstairs to the basement to where my clothes should be dried.

I found all these racks and shelves of clothes I believe my mom was selling clothes in rummage sales to make money. None of the clothes were my size,too big, too small, children’s clothes, clothes from when my mom was 300+ lbs, sleeping clothes. And none of my clothes I thought I washed.

I found this green polka-dotted and striped pants and shirt combo with purple waist band. It was cute but as I looked at it longer it was ugly.

Then I go back upstairs, the house was all tore up. Then there was a home office section, that was not there when I grew up.

I was so frustrated with the dream I sat on the couch, my cat tiger jumped in my lap and let me pet her. I really enjoyed that, I fell asleep.

I was actually having trouble sleeping that night. My cat came to my rescue, but just when I had good sleep it was time to get up for work.


My house was all chaos because my mom and dad were splitting up and selling the house. I didn’t want it to happen.


I think I am going back in my dreams to try to stop what happened to my family. We are all split up by their divorce.


who am I mother or kid

I was mom in the house. My 2 sons and daughter became my brothers and sister when we were going to school.
We were waiting for the school bus, my brothers and sister were lazing about, getting late. The school bus came and left without us. We had to walk to school, which happened to be just a block away.
Makes me wonder..Why were we taking the bus to school?
Here I was rushing everyone had their books and making sure everyone had a key to the house. I checked my own pockets for my keys. I didn’t have any keys. I sort of left the door open, just in case.
When I got to the school I was then a kid and student. I helped my brothers and sisters get to the place where we had to sign in when we were late. But I really didn’t know where I was going, my brothers and sister had to show me.
Then I dropped of my brothers and sister at their classes, but I didn’t know what grade I was in or my class schedule. Then my eyesight was so bad I couldn’t read any signs. I was truly lost.
I think this dream is putting myself in my children’s place or I wanted to go to school with my kids. Or I just could handle the pressures of motherhood.


Or I just got lost. I did get lost and wanted to run away from my family.


I can’t read without my glasses. Makes sense of why I can’t read print in this dream.

the toilet

I was visiting my mom in her apartment.

My dad was visiting. My dad took a shower. My dad doesn’t live here, why would he be taking a shower here?

I had to use the bathroom really really bad. I had to wait until my dad was done.

When my dad was finally done. I walk into the bathroom, the toilet was in pieces. My dad left the toilet like that and didn’t say anything or try to fix it. People need to use the toilet! Why was he being so insensitive?  He just left it that way!

I did not know a toilet could  be taken apart like that. The bowl was on the floor.

I couldn’t and didn’t have time to fix the toilet. I couldn’t wait for someone to fix it, I really really had to go to the bathroom!

so I put my butt over the edge of the shower to pee.  There was no other way.

left them behind

This dream my relatives came to visit great uncle and aunt. They are not exciting to be with.

My Mom suggested to me to take then with me to an activity at the school. It was like family fun day.

Not sure my relatives would really enjoy it.

At the gym it was chaos, everyone was trying to play their own game at the same time. Balls flying  through the air, kids running and screaming. And very crowded.

It was a good way to ditch my aunt and uncle.

I left the school, leaving my aunt and uncle behind.

They knew how to get back the house was just down the road.

I took a walk by the river found 2 otters playing.I watched them play for awhile.

Then I found an old worn out boat full of wooden boxes, wicker baskets and other garbage. The boat was full of water I searched through all of it I found a very expensive designer handbag. I was finding other items too! It wasn’t trash. It was a stash of stolen loot.

I dug through the purse found a notepad with numbers and notes might be clues to who stole the purse or owned the purse. I called the police.

In this dream I could see my aunt and uncles disappointed faces and knew I was going to get yelled by my mom when I get home.

But I had a way out I just quit the dream or I just kept moving on to something else in the dream.

It was great relief that was just a dream!

My great aunt and uncle are dead I don’t have to worry about their disappointed faces either.

helicopter or aerial tram?

In this dream I was a tourist but not too sure where.

I was on something helicopter or aerial tram-car that took me and other tourists over the land. I really don’t know what I was on I know we were able to hover over the land.

We saw a village with modern building designs next to some ancient looking buildings. One was neatly carved out of a rock wall or cliff.

I saw the words China carved in this building.

Then we were over a grassy area, we saw a big shape running all over through tall grass, we were not sure what animal it was.

We watched the animal it turned out to be a black ram and it joined the rest of the herd farther away.

Then my focus was on how or what was making us hover over the land like that.

Was it a helicopter or aerail tram but how could we follow the animals like that, magic of a dream?

Just after I pondered the car landed at another station answering my question.

my special dream super powers

I was dreaming I was at a Disney resort at a restaurant with family when something bad or embarrassing happened.

Don’t remember that part.

I had to get out of there and hide had nowhere to go. I was unfamiliar with the area and didn’t remember how to get back to the hotel.

I remembered my special power I have in my dreams. I can float up just by flapping my arms but slowly.

I was outside the restaurant trying to get into tree.

I saw other people floating up too. That sort of made my special ability not so unusual.

I figured it was because it was a Disney resort and it was Disney magic that was making others float too. So nobody  noticed my unusual ability.

But it my floating worked, my family couldn’t find me.

In other dreams it was unusual.

I haven’t floated in a dream for a very long time.

priest got sick, my friend had a baby

I was in church, waiting in for service to start. People were still filing in.

I noticed my best friend from high school was sitting with her husband across the aisle. My friend was holding a newborn baby.  My friends husband was really hefty in size. My friend just had gray hair but looked the same as she always did.

I was thinking that was her baby. I see no young mother near her. She was too old to have a baby. I remember her telling me she couldn’t have no more. But maybe some magic happened.

The service started, when I looked up to the altar. The altar was suddenly dark and the priest was gone.

Someone said the priest became ill.

We were all waiting to see what would happen next. Like another priest would come in and complete the service.

A group of women came in to announce there were bible study groups downstairs if anyone was interested.

I saw my friend carry the baby up to the altar and sit down in the priest’s chair. I think she was expecting the baby to be baptized at this service.

I was still sitting waiting to see what would happen next.

I found some other old classmates from high school, and mentioned to them I was surprised to see my friend at the church. My friends didn’t see the problem. I said, don’t you remember she was Lutheran. Remember at  her wedding her church wouldn’t allow our Catholic friend sing at her wedding. They said maybe she converted.

Then there happened to be another priest who happened to be attending one of the bible study groups.

The candles were relit for service. But one of the candle arrangements was in a weird place, in the middle of the aisle, where people had to walk around it. Which could be dangerous. Especially the priest robe getting too close.

I guess the baby was baptized. I don’t remember the service. Just going down to attend the reception of the baptism. Where the basement had many rooms I had to search them all.

For some reason I did not feel comfortable reaching out to my old high school friend. I felt too many years went by without contact. I thought I would wait for her to reach out to me. I stayed in the background watching my friend and her special moment with her baby.

where’s my car

I was in a store, I was a team member. It was Christmas; there was a contest, to see who could complete a given shopping list in the fastest time. Well I tested this contest myself to see if I could do it myself real fast.

I spent a long time looking for a particular charcoal, I could not remember where it was moved to. It was on special deal really recent.

Before I knew it, it was closing time. I was helping the store manager close down the store with other team members.

We had the store front all reorganized. We were in the back, waiting for the store manager to close the store.

Then she realized we needed to get the shipment in the loading dock into the store.

I witnessed this little black dude volunteer to move it.

It was a huge pallet full of goods. He quickly picked the whole thing up and moved it.

There was this guy, he was like clinging to me and he thought he was helping me. Telling me how wonderful I was. How I can do anything I set my mind to.

But he was annoying!

Somehow I end going home with him.

I couldn’t find my car.

That put me in a position where this guy became quite valuable to me. I had to ask this guy for help.

Then I flashed back trying to figure out why I didn’t have my own car.


I was back at my home, where I was getting ready for work. I was fighting with my husband for the bathroom. I had to be a work at 4 pm. Everyone took a car, or forgot to leave me a car, or someone gave me a ride to work.

I was really worried. What if I had no one to help me get to work? I didn’t want to be dependant on anyone.

I was really close to getting up to look in the garage to see if my car was still there.


size of a thumb

I dreamed I was in a college.

There was a guy who was very popular with the ladies. Women were waiting in line outside his dorm room to have sex with him.

One day, a girl come screaming from his room.

She found him dead.

She found him naked, with just a sheet covering his privates.

I went to in to see what this guy looked like naked.

I removed the sheet.

His penis was the size of a thumb!

I yelled out.

That’s it! Is this what you all were standing in line for?

pregnant again?

I dreamed I was in the hospital. I felt labor pains, but I knew I wasn’t pregnant. The nurse was insisting I stay in the hospital until I had the baby. I kept arguing with the nurse that I wasn’t pregnant.

The nurse kept saying you are about to have a baby at any moment.

I wanted to get out of there I didn’t want to relive labor pains and the pains of giving birth.

I had been sick the past 2 weeks. Sometimes it felt I was pregnant and like I had labor pains

I guess this is what triggered the dream. And I miss my children being babies.

where was I?

I was trying to go home, walking home my usual route. I turned a corner, suddenly I was in a strange town. I was on the right street but wrong city. Too far from home.

I was lost. Had no clue to where I was.

But my sister was with me.

I also discovered. I was on ocean shore. It looked like an ocean or a flooded area. I saw cars in standing water. Maybe a wave swept them out.

Then my sister and I were in the water. Something was like sucking us. We were sucked up backwards on a huge water park slide. We went through 2 huges loops and then shot down a slide then dropped into a pool.

Later on we were at the resorts buffet restaurant. I was loading up my plate with some interesting foods. But all I can remember is the herbal tea ingredients I selected for my tea.

Savannah coin

Dream of finding this coin in 2 different dreams.  It was a old coin as big as a hand. Like a saucer.

It was called the Savannah.

I don’t know any Savannah or heard the name recently. The only things I think of  is the book Savannah, or the girl scout cookies.


I found the same stash of coins in the 2 different dreams, on the same night.

I sure would  like to know what that means.

on the job again

In this dream I am back at my old job making wallets.The girl at the front is gluing every piece of leather in the box. I could not stop her. She would not listen.

We were supposed to be making cute little clutches. I was holding the samples for the others to see, maybe she would stop and think.

But the girl up front would not quit and listen to my directions.

We were supposed to do one step at a time according to the directions.

I was stuck with all these glued leather parts and no where to put them.

I had to explain what happened to the supervisor.

I got out of the dream just before the supervisor arrived.


I had this dream, because I didn’t get the job I wanted at leather shoe company.

quick changes

First part of the dream my husband appeared. I was surprised to find him. He reassured he was there to stay. We laid down together to sleep for the night.

The next day there was a party for his return.

This is where it gets weird.

I this is where I think my husband escaped from where he was.

My husband, our children and some friends took off for a ride the car. The car was jammed with people.

But when I looked a little closer to who was in the car. The car was full of Mexican men.

Not there is a problem with Mexican men, I just don’t know these men. Strangers were in our car with us.

But my husband was still in the front passenger side.

I think this was his help to hide him. Maybe they were his friends from where he was.

Then when we approached a hill, I looked again to who was all in the car. Now the driver is a black man, I believe he is nephew of my husband.

I don’t know how or when this person got into the car. I didn’t see it happen.

We drove into the country, to an abandoned farm house. We were going to make this our new home.

While I was busy making the house a livable house and taking care of the children.

My husband and the nephew were shooting guns out the window like an old western. There were flashes in the sky. I really don’t know what the fight was about. This reminded me of War of the Worlds movie.

I was told not to worry take care of the house and kid, everything was under control.

These ladies appeared. They come to help me. But the treat me like I am helpless. They tried to make whatever was available to make sets of chairs and tables. There were a lot of wooden kitchen chairs and boards. They just propped chairs together and put a board over the top. They made so many tables with boards and chairs, they forgot to leave some chairs to sit on.

These ladies were driving me crazy and the whole dream was driving me crazy, I just quit!

riding my bike in the middle of the night

In this dream I was riding my bike to work at night. And it was my normal routine for a long time according to this dream.

I was feeling good about it and having fun riding my bike to work.

I guess was starting to really think in this dream. Was this normal to ride to work in the dark in the middle of the night? Was this safe? It was actually a long ride to work in the dark.

That’s when things started to go wrong.

I was on my way to work. I noticed the rear tire had huge chunk missing and it was just hanging together by a thread.

I needed a quick fix so I could get to work on time and then fix the tire completely at work, on break.

Stores were closed on my way to work, after work the stores would be open.

I ventured downtown. I found construction crews all over. They were installing hi tech, lights and signs, updating the downtown for some big event coming up.

I snatched a roll of duct tape to fix up my bike tire.

When I started on my way to work again my bike fell apart again. This time it was the handle bars came off and the brake handles broke.

I tried to fix it,  I realized I was too late for work so I just gave up. And I was glad I was only dreaming. I don’t have a job now anyway.

kissed Clint Eastwood

I was dream of playing a pool game. It was not the normal pool game. It was on the ground and had to lay on the ground to make shots.
This was an active dream I was acting it out. I felt myself crawling in my bed to manuver to make the shots.
I was playing with Clint Eastwood. He was joshing with me I could not make certain shots.
Clint come towards me and kissed me twice. 2 sweet kisses.
I was so shocked. I didn’t stick around in this dream, I wasn’t sure I wanted to see Clint naked.
I hurried off to go home from where I was. Then I had this clear vision of where I was like I was on Google street view. The vision was so clear I sort of stayed to see what I can see. I checked out this business, it changed. It used to be a popular restaurant and now it was a Dominos pizza shop.

The real life.

I went to the place where I thought I saw a Domino’s pizza shop moved to in my dream.
It was a restaurant before. Then I overheard the restaurant was closed for real.
Then I drove by there and saw a new restaurant was in there now.

Now what made me dream of that restaurant’s change like that? I have never been there to eat only walk by it many times.

I stopped in to eat and had a great big steak, a great meal!



Was in church for a special ceremony for our bodies to be transformed. Maybe it was being filled with the holy spirit. I was waiting and waiting for something to happen.

There was a large procession of servers and the priest carrying candles. The first candle was red.  The priest carried the big Easter candle.

Meaning I don’t know what.

Nothing really happened. I didn’t see anything.

After the ceremonY. I stayed later to pray.

I watched children’s catechism classes being held in the church and training to be servers for the church.  Some were misbehaving. I yelled out NO! GOD IS WATCHING!

Then I was walking home from church, to my old house I grew up in.

What is funny about my church dreams, I always dream of the church I grew up in, no matter where I am.

magic frog

This was a fantasy animated dream like Rodger Rabbit.   There were 3 animated characters that I remember, one was a big purple kangaroo,  A big yellow bird, cross between Big Bird and a Sneetch
I was in a shopping mall.
There was magic frog. The frog seemed to be my special companion. I felt like his keeper. 
He sort of was dying when people didn’t believe in him anymore. His tail fell off. I encouraged him to stay alive for me. The he grew another tail, when he decided to go on.
The frog was getting real warm in my hands. He started to hop around, not just any hops, magical leaps all over the place.
Then all these magical things started to happpen. It was like being in a movie. People were getting their wishes fulfilled.
Then someone got mean and batted him down. That was the end. The frog did not want to go on just because of one persons evil thoughts.
Just before the frog gave up his spirit, he made a prediction for a woman that she would have a baby or find out she was expecting by the end of the year.
I don’t know what happened to the puprle kangaroo and yellow bird. I think they found companions to attach themselves to just like the frog attached to me.
I don’t remember all the magical thing that I saw either.
There was music and movies playing.


There was a part of a dream I had this weekend I could not forget.
I was horseplaying with my oldest son. I pushed him, he fell backwards on the sofa. 
He was whimpering, I’m stuck. 
I thought he was playing around.
I went in for a close up to check out what was wrong with my son.
His head was bent back and his torso was up, I could see neck bones protuding from his neck but not punctured. I guess his neck broke.
He was crying in pain MY BONES!
I hurried out of this dream I didn’t want to see more. 
I know this is my guilt playing with my dreams.
It is part how my son died in the car crash. Though it was not my fault and I was not driving.

judgement’s waiting room

It’s like Jim Jones island or I’m dead and about  be judged.

I’m on an island with a massive group of people. We are like being herded. I was with my family. The crowd was being forced to follow a path. We were not allowed to stray, hesitate, or disobey. We had to keep moving.

Suddenly the part of the group I was in was separated and pushed into a room.

I was separated from my family. I could not find anyone of my family in the room. None of my family were in the room I was forced to endure whatever will happen next alone.

The entire crowd was separated and pushed into separated rooms just like I was. When I got to the room just sat there and waited. It was a dark  dimly lit room. Like an old creepy mansion.

I don’t remember what something happened just sat there waiting with a huge room full of strangers. Maybe it’s a waiting room for judgement.

My family had to face their own judgement.

This dream was very similar to this dream: I lost my family.

winning ticket

I dreamed I held a winning scratch off ticket, Black Jack ticket. I saw a 2 and some 000’s.

So I run down to the gas station to grab me a ticket.

I found my lucky number is 6. The number of the ticket is 16. Which is my daughter’s birthday.  So do I wait? for the 6th or the 16th.

I waited until the 6th. All my hands added up to 16 and the dealer’s hand was 17. Maybe I should have waited until the 16th.

fine jewelry show

I am in a hotel with my kids and husband. Looks like I brought every freaking toy along. I am trying to clean up the room. It was early in the morning, nobody was awake yet.

I am trying to pack up, because its our last day.

But this lady burst into our room. You can’t go yet, today is the fine jewelry show, throughout the whole town!”

Didn’t get to see what a fine jewelry show was, the dream quit or shifted to something else I can’t remember.

my sister is staying home from school

This time my sister, brother, and I are eating breakfast before school. My dad just got home from working and is sleeping. The bedroom is just off the kitchen.

There was chaos. We were making a mess eating. I was trying hard to clean it all up before leaving for school. I couldn’t see. I turned on the lights in the kitchen, my dad yelled out, “I’m sleeping turn it off!”  “Making too much noise Be quiet!”

This time my sister is staying home from school. I didn’t really understand why.

Just as it was time for my brother and I to leave.

A handicap van pulled up to the house. That was my sister’s job for the day. Then I really had no problem with my sister staying home from school. She was going to be very busy.

I think there was 2 people. One kid, older kid was strapped to a childs seat and wheelchair. Here he wasn’t really handicapped. I don’t really remember the other person. Only the one kid, turned out to be very tall and very able, not handicapped.

Maybe he was my sister’s boyfriend in disguise?? Maybe my sister was sneaking her boyfriend in?? I was thinking that in the dream.

I guess I quit on the dream after that is was just getting too weird and frustrating.

cool part of town and a cool park

I was on a road trip with my husband and children. We drove through a new part of a city. There were many theme restaurants and hotels, just like Wisconsin Dells. But I felt like we were in Fond du Lac near Lakeside Park.

We saw one restaurant shaped like a football and it was green and yellow, it was a Green Bay Packer restaurant.

Then we entered Lakeside Park, it was not the same park I grew up with. It was now part amusement park, with big rides and a rollercoaster. My kids were so excited. There were many beautiful beaches, trails, rest areas for picnics. There was so much to do! We didn’t know where to start first.

Before we found a spot. My husband found trail where we thought we could drive through with the car. The trail was flooded, the lake flooded it, the water level was up to the car. We had to find way out of there quick. 

I then realized we were not wearing seatbelts. I made everyone put them on in case we needed help from police to get out of the trail.

We found a beautiful beach to spend a part of the day before we headed to rides. My daughter was swimming a little crazy. To me she was swimming like she was swimming in her sleep. Of course it was my dream and dreams get too weird. 

Felt like my husband surprised us with a surprise roadtrip to Lakeside Park. That is where we used to go when they were little.

pet bird

My cat keewee came for a visit in my dream last night. I think she was jealous I had a pet bird in the dream.
I was lying in bed. I had a cage containing 3 parakeets in the bedroom. One was a pretty pink and yellow. This bird was clever and found a way to escape the cage. The bird also liked to be by me. Always flew towards me, so I held out my finger for the bird to land and perch.
All I was worried about was the bird pooping on me.
My cat keewee came in intervals. I was so afraid of the cat catching the bird or sitting on the bird. I tried to grab on to keewee each time she passed over me. Once again I was fighting, trying to find out whether she was just a dream or real. I swear she was there. I felt her fluffy silky fur.
Every time my cat appeared the bird just happened to be back in the cage.

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