Happy Days and Who Framed Roger Rabbit

I was in a Happy Days classroom.

I was surrounded, by Ralph Malph, Potsie and Shirley. They were goofing around. Shirley from “Laverne and Shirley” turns to me, all of a sudden, she turns into a 83-year-old woman, toothless, wrinkled and gray hair. She says, “I don’t feel old at all!” Then, Malph and Potsie, turned older too. They were about to light up a cigarette, in class. I say, no no, you can’t smoke in school, or anywhere on school campus.

I figured out this must be a Happy Days class reunion.

The dream changed, there was noise in the hallway of the school. I was thinking the Fonz was coming. Or Ritchie was coming. They were not in the classroom.

We went into the hallway.

This garage door opened. There was like an airport. People were exiting a plane. I was hoping to see the Fonz. No, they were just ordinary people.

I went out another door. It was like a the front of the building and a reception area. It looked like a train depot, too. Lots of things were going on there. Buses and limousines dropping off people. There were lots of people there waiting for people to arrive.

There were cheerleaders cheering and doing stunts. Someone like acting like a Spiderman in the rafters. He came swinging down on a rope.

Then the sky grew dark, a huge flock of black birds filled the sky. They were swooping down over the crowd scaring everyone. The birds were thick and made several flybys over the crowd.  The crowd was running and trying to find cover.


This part was like “Who Framed Rodger Rabbit”, a huge, yellow, cartoon train pulled into the crowd. Real people got of the train. There were no tracks! I was expecting to see Rodger Rabbit and Jessica come out too! or maybe The Fonz. No, just ordinary people.

Dream ended when I was freaking out, trying to figure out how the train came through the crowd.


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