The Bully/The wash/The Craft idea/The miners

The Bully

I was at my home where I grew up. I was in the old barn shed, with my brother and sister. We were hiding from a bully. I could see the bully coming towards the shed. I told everyone to hide. There were tons of junk in the shed, plenty of places to hide. The bully came in and searched the whole shed. When the bully couldn’t find us, he left.

The wash

When, I went inside the house from the shed, the dream changed. There was my ex husband and my children. We were doing laundry, in the back porch. But there was 2 washers and 2 dryers, my mom only had 1 all the time we lived in that house. My ex husband went crazy on me. He decided to put all the washed clothes into 1 dryer. We sat there arguing over it. So I walked away to let him do it his way.

*My ex husband and children do not belong here, they have never been to my old home. My old home is also destroyed before I was married to my ex.  Also, there used to be only 1 washer only. But my husband did go crazy on me on stupid things. I did leave him to do things his way.

The Craft idea

I had a dream about a craft idea. I was searching my house for all the items. When it came to the huge ball of yarn I found.

*I woke up to think about that dream for a few minutes. It was a great idea, but i don’t have any of the items I dreamed of.

The miners

I was at a mine site, turned into a hotel, casino resort. It was built over a mine, while the miners still worked in the mine. The miners had access to the resort. When the miners were done with their shift, they came up through an elevator and had a party every day.

Also, people all over the world came to vacation here, there were observation decks, windows and live video to watch the workers.

I was on one of the observation decks, watching the workers come in to work. They came in individual trucks, with pop up homes on the back, they set up camp around the resort. Then I watched the workers get on a little train to take them down to the mine.

*This sounds like I got this from watching the Chilean miners. But the miners looked like they were from India.


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