$900.00 bill!

I was visiting friends at their apartment complex. I went exploring through the building. I found each floor had a recreation area,lounge or a place to accomodate large parties. Each room had vending machines, cupboards, sinks, tables and chairs, perfect setup for gatherings.

I went to the first floor lounge,I discover this old run down vending machine. There was a sign hanging above it, it said        


.50 cents

I started to dig through my purse for .50 cents. My friends were trying to stop me from putting my money in the machine.

Too late.

When the money dropped it the machine started to make noises and began to spit out money. 2 dollar bills, 10 dollar bills, 5 dollar bills.

 Then come the big one  the 900 dollar bill.

Then a door on the machine fell open. There were bags of money and stacks of money inside the machine. My friends and I were fighting over if we should take the money.

My friends and I were also curious about why all that money should be in this machine. Is the apartment owner hiding something,else my friends and I were arguing over what should we do next.

That is where the dream left off.

* wishing for big money!

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