Lost in the Big City

I was riding in a car. My mother was driving. I was with my 2 children. We were in a huge city looked like St Paul, Minnesota. My mother stopped at a corner gave me a map of the city and instructions telling us where we can find a place to stay.

I thought we were all getting out to explore the city. When I got out with my 2 children, my mother took off. I thought she was finding a place to park. But my mother took of in a hurry. She never came back.

My children and I were searching the city for this place to stay. My son is a stubborn one. He wanted to explore a store, but it was more important to find this place to stay first.

I had this number of the building stuck in my head 395. It turned out to be an abandoned building. Great my mother set me up to live in an abandoned building with 2 children.

I thought my son was still following my daughter and I. I turned around he was gone. My daughther thought it was a good idea to go look for him, before I couldn’t stop her from leaving she was gone.

Great! I was stuck in a huge city,no place to stay, no money, no job and 2 children to search for.

I was so disappointed and upset I woke  myself out of this dream.

*I guess this dreams describes, how I feel about my life right now. I have no job ,no money, no place to go, I can’t trust my family, and I am losing my children. (Meaning they are growing)


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