Brett Farve/ Naked Guy In My Closet /Scottish Terrier Puppy

Scottish Terrier Puppy

I was in my old house, where I grew up. My mother just came  home from a trip. There were gifts from mom on the dinner table and there were all these keys to the house.

My mom says she is going to bed.

My brother and sister were playing outside in a thunderstorm in the middle of the night. I could hear birds singing, yet it was the middle of the night.

I went out to look for my brother and sister to get them to come in. My cat slips out and runs to her hiding place under the porch. Then we find this little puppy Scottish Terrier sick and dirty. First mom says no. My mom sends the dog back out in the storm. We heard gunshots. We thought it was the dog that got shot, we brought the dog back in.

* I’m thinking of my family lately, because of the great Thanksgivings we used to have. Thanksgiving is coming.

Brett Farve

I was watching the Minnesota, Green Bay football game on tv. A group of people marched out on to the field before the game and were carrying a huge banner. The tv camera caught these words on the banner…


* this one is easy, I live in Wisconsin. I am sick of Brett Farve. He is going down!

I had dreamed of the NFL 2009 championship game with the Vikings. I saw Brett Farve get sacked in my dreams and saw him get seriously hurt.

I was right! Farve did sacked a lot and very beat up. I told lots of people about this dream!

Naked Guy In my Closet

I was in my bedroom with a very handsome guyfriend. He feels like a family friend whom I have a crush on. 

*This guy in the dream, must be the guy who was once my softball coach who I had a crush on. I knew the guy by name, I knew his face, in this dream but he didn’t look like the guy in real life.

I used to be a catcher on my softball team when I was younger. I used to toss balls to the coach for fielding practice. I had a crush on this guy. I sort of flirted with him, by the way I tossed the balls to him. He managed to catch the ball every time and every way I tossed the ball. I made it look like it was just a mistake. I was grinning every time I see him sort of struggle to catch the ball.

I was in my bedroom with my guy friend, I was holding an ice pack to his shoulder. (I must have hit with a ball.) I was playing nurse.

He decided he was going to stay for the night at my family’s home.

He went to change his clothes in my closet, weird.  I was getting excited I was hoping to see a naked guy in my closet. My dad walked in to get me out of there just in time.


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