the guest, a secret, the phone

I was in the home where I grew up. I must have come home from school in Minnesota, like Christmas break.  I was with my mother and father, sister and brother. There was a guest in my house, a skinny, black ,male teenager.

I found out later he was living in my house.

My mother and father asked me and insisted me to call this boy’s mother to talk to her. I had never met this woman, why would I want to talk to her. I didn’t even know the boy living in my house. It was a fight between me and my parents. My parents acted like it was a do or die issue. I ran away to my bedroom to get away from my parents demands.

My parents didn’t even tell me why I should talk to the mother.

When I went  upstairs to my bedroom I found my stuff gone and only one  bed in my bedroom. That boy took over my bedroom! Where was I going to be sleeping.

Climbing the stairs was a struggle, there were boxes of stuff on the stairs making it hard to walk around. (Probably my stuff.)

Then one of my aunts, my mom loved to hate, came over to join us for dinner. We were gathered around a candle lit dinner table. My aunt was just about to tell  a secret.  That was it.

Dreamed stopped right there.

While I was moving around the house. I noticed all the modern updates. My folks were really up on things. I noticed a whole entertainment built into a wall, computer, etc.


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