This time he took off with out me for real!

I woke up in bed next to my ex husband.  He wakes up yelling, I am late for work! He runs to get dressed. He is dressing in nurse scrubs. I don’t know when he started that job.

I am thinking he left for work.

I am having breakfast with my children at a candle lit table.

The candles suddenly blew out. I tried to relight the candles, a spark from the match, sit the pack of matches on fire. I put out the fire quickly.

Here comes my ex husband, now he is dressed in a suit, he looks great until he gets closer. He looks totally stupid! He is wearing some of my clothes. My green crocheted sweater vest, and a blouse with a flowing bow tie, clearly feminine and woman’s clothes. He also had men’s pants and suit jacket.

I told him he looks stupid. He didn’t care. We argued over his choices. But I didn’t win.

* My ex comes from a different country feminine or masculine doesn’t seem to matter

Next I am in a car with my ex husband. We are arriving at what appears to be a government building. We find a place to park. We go in; I noticed lots of women in wedding dresses. They must have been getting married in there.

I don’t remember what we did in the building.

On the way out I lost my ex husband in a crowd.  I stepped out the door that I thought we came in.  I was in the wrong parking lot. I searched all over for the right parking lot. There were many parking lots at different sections of the building and there was an upper level parking lot.

I know my ex husband. He hates waiting and looking for me.

 This time he took off with out me for real!


*He had always threatened to do it so many times for real. Besides I would have to endure his anger all the way home and would never let it go that I fucked up!

*I loved the place we were living; it was a spacious flat with bedrooms for all 3 children, 2 bathrooms. 

*At the building while I was searching for the right parking lot. I was observing the entrance to the upper level parking lots. There some antique cars coming through.


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