date night

First there was a handsome guy I think he was supposed to be my date, or I was living with him and we were getting ready to go on a date, but he wasn’t dressed to go out.

He went to his room came out with a shirt on. It was PLASTIC but stylish dress shirt, he looked good in it. He was so handsome anything looked good on him.    Go to fullsize image

Looked like I was in guys dorm waiting for my date.

Then there was another, guy he was a firefighter, he came in the room inhis uniform. I was joking and teasing him. Then he went to his room, he came out dressed in a blue dress shirt and blue jeans. He was very handsome. He was gettting ready to go out. He was blonde and muscular, I don’t really like blonde guys, but I was having fun with him.

Later I woke up inside the dorm room. I went to the kitchen to find food. I found a cupboard full of empty cereal boxes. I tried to clean it out, but more boxes kept appearing. I was trying not to make noise and wake everyone up.

I checked out the refrigerator,it was full of food.  Go to fullsize image

I started to look for the blonde guys room.  I wanted to check out the blonde guy’s body.

I don’t remember if I made it to the room. I think I found a room, layed down went back to sleep.


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