I didn’t even get to kiss him!

I believe I was dreaming I was on a military base. The base had access to a large body of water, part dessert and swampland.  I was in classes and on missions all night.

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There was a training mission in the water.

Then there was a pageant being put together by the ladies for the guys.  The senior director was a long time woman, veteran. We were going to have a slumber party scene for the lingerie show. We were putting together a display of teddy bears.

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We were rehearsing in a gym.  Sometimes the director was strict then sometimes she was a diva, having fun. She was very positive and promoted inner beauty.

Then we rehearsed the evening gown part of the pageant, rehearsing a dance.

Then the funniest thing happened.  

 There was a guy in the middle of the girls. But he was wearing a costume, of a naked woman’s torso from the waste down.

It was a beautiful pair of legs and a nice pussy.           -up of a ...

The director kicked this guy out; she almost called the MP’s to remove him.

But it was quite funny.  I thought so.  The guy was being such a clown.

 *I wish I could draw, to show what I saw.

I was thinking this guy was very creative, he made the costume himself.

Then there was some kind of party for the retired veterans. There was a dinner. I believe it was all part of the same events with the show we put on for the guys.

I was visiting with everyone. I sat down in a group of people. Then came like a raffle prize announcement. Some people won some checks. There was a $2,500 and a $3,500 and $11,200. I couldn’t believe my ears. The way the amounts were being announced didn’t sound right. I was trying to see the checks for myself. The 11,200 was too weird for me. I wanted to win some of those prizes!

Then I was walking around the base, I found myself in a section, I never been in. I was suddenly volunteered to take part in an operation.  Not sure what I was really doing. I found myself outside, very far away from the base. I was working with a team of guys.

When we completed the operation, there was a celebration and we were bused to a nature reserve. The same veterans that were at the party before, were brought along on the trip. There was an observation deck, shelter and nature trails.  We observed a wolf catching a rabbit. There was an observation deck overlooking a shallow river. I thought I saw 2 cougars wading up the river towards us. I am going crazy Look, Look cougars! When they came closer, it was just 2 steer.

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Then, this black handsome, muscular, soldier, with his shirt off, was standing really close to me while we were observing the 2 steer. He must have been a part of my team on the operation. I must have been real close with him. I don’t even remember what we did together in the operation. I just felt really close to him. He said he supported me. He said he would do anything for me. I put my arm around him.  He put his arm around me and held me close to him. Warm and tender moment.

That is were the dream ended.

I was freaking about this really handsome guy, and how he really liked me too. He didn’t even tell me.  Too good to be true! I didn’t even get to kiss him!


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