suddenly, I was part of the gang

I was on a nature trail. I came upon a cliff. When I reached the top of the cliff, I looked down. I saw something interesting down there but I could find a safe way down there. I saw some really old cars, from 70’s. I thought they were abandoned cars.

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I had to go back down the way I went up and go around. I started go around, I saw a hole and there were meerkats popping in and out of the hole.

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I found these beautiful flowers, one white, pink and one blue, but the same kind. I picked them, but I knew it was stupid, I was too far from home and the flowers would shrivel before I get home.

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I remembered I had my cellphone with a camera. I got ready to take a picture, the meerkats came out and posed like a family for the picture. That was funny! But I had it on camera for all to see.

I didn’t get the idea to take picture of the flowers instead of picking them. I just was excited to have them in my hand.

Then I finally got to view where all the cars were. Looks like a hideout for a gang. I couldn’t  see how all the cars got there. There was no real road.

I kept going trying to get back into town. I get to a tavern. There is a gang of guys. There are some of my friends. My friends were girlfriends of the guys, they were all part of the gang. The guys were controlling the girls.

Also turned out the place I encountered where the cars were is where the gang stored their cars.

I went outside with my friends, next door home was the hangout for the gang. We were hanging out the front lawn, there were container and containers of beautiful flowers. I made a suggestion to make arrangements and sell the flowers. My friend said we have to ask the guys permission first.

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I showed my friends my picture, tried to show my flowers they were already withered.

I suddenly end up part of the gang. I went on mission with the gang. We were in an airplane, we were dropped in the middle of a lake. There were other people in the lake waiting for us to help us out of the lake. The people were a bunch of guys in another gang. Criminals they part of the plan. The place was full of guys in leather, chains, piercings, tattooed body full of muscles.

I have no idea what the mission was for or all about. but the guys knew.

*That is where the dream ended, alarm went off.


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