When I woke up I had my phone in my hand

I was working at a grocery store with my mother. I was time for the 2nd shift crew to take over the service desk. My mother and I were playing a game of bingo lottery, while we were waiting for the crew to set up and take over.

Second shift had their own lottery they were in charge of. The supervisor lost the instructions for the new lottery, just for 2nd shift. The supervisor dumped out a nasty garbage pail and looked through it for the instructions.

The supervisor was interrupting my mom and I, my mom had to keep repeating numbers over and over. I was winning lots of money.

There was a customer at a change machine, he didn’t know he could put all his money in at once to get change , he was standing there putting in one bill at a time. We were having fun watching this guy, he was old and moving really slow like that character Tim Conway used to play.  

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My mom and I were leaving for a vacation in a motorhome. My sister was driving, she was waiting for us in the parking lot. There was another motorhome, for the guys in the family.

We take off from the grocery store parking lot, the guys motor home is in front. There must have been a wind sheer and the guys motor home was knocked off the road, it rolled a couple of times, but we couldn’t see where the motor home landed.

My sister decided to drive around looking for the motor home, instead of stopping and calling 911 for help. I was getting frustrated. I was yelling at my sister. She still wouldn’t take action, still driving all around. I remembered I had my cell phone. I made the call. I made my sister let me off the motor home to stay in the area where the accident happened so I could direct the emergency crews where to go.

* When I woke up I had my phone in my hand. I sure hope I really didn’t make the call for real. I know I was mumbling. I hope my neighbors didn’t hear me say I’m calling 911.


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