the crush came back, then there was a little boy

I was working in an office. I was interviewing someone; he was my former softball coach who I once had a crush on. He is the chief of police in my hometown. He came to the interview dressed in a purple baseball uniform. He was supposed to be promoting a charity event in the community.

I wasn’t really paying attention. I don’t remember anything I heard. All I know he was talking. I was awestruck from being in his presence. I was recording everything on tape and taking notes.

I believe he was asking me questions I never heard them. He got mad and started to leave. All of the sudden I noticed he was wearing his police uniform, looking all handsome.

Besides I had the feeling we not supposed to be talking personal stuff during the interview. I was afraid to talk, fearing I might embarrass myself, acting like a teenage girl with a crush.

So when he was leaving…

That is when I started to open up. I asked him what it was like to be chief of police and how he became he chief of police. Then he reminded me, he was married to one of my classmates. He leaves.

I go back into the office. In the entrance of the building are really old vending machines some with snacks still in them.

Then an older woman, with children came into the office. The children were all over the office. There was one annoying little child following me around and causing trouble. He found a box of crayons, he was drawing pictures on important papers. He was a great drawer. Every time I try to stop him and direct him to do something positive. He would find another way to irritate me.

He wanted the old snacks in the vending machine, but he couldn’t get them out. I told him they wouldn’t taste good any way.

I showed him the better snack bin inside the office. We were fighting over the snacks. I was trying to grab the better snacks before him.

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Then we were reading books together. There was an animated book. I saw something x rated going on in one of the windows. I was supposed to be a children’s book about Christmas. There was a man opening a woman’s blouse to feel her breasts. I had to fight with the boy to direct the boy to a better activity.

We found some toys. There were miniature toy cars that fit together to make a bigger car. I thought it was so cool. The boy was finally busy with something.

The older woman came back into the picture.

I was supposed to be sending the interview in for a contest; I couldn’t find the entry form. I thought the boy drew on it or lost it in all the things that were on in the office.

Here the woman found it and she was filling out the form for me. Like taking credit for my work. 

That is where dream ended, alarm clock.

*There is a feeling of Christmas in the whole dream, like the office was having a Christmas party for children.  I believe the older woman was actually my mother, but I didn’t know her.  She is the one who set me up with the interview with the police chief.  I felt like she was my boss. Typical of my mom who embarrasses me setting me up with guys that are unavailable or too weird.

I have had dreams about my mom setting me up with guys, in front of my husband. I had these dreams while I was married. My mom never liked my husband.


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