That is what imaginary friends can do.

My house had a deck patio running out to the edge of a river. There was rain storm that caused the river to rise. I stepped out of the house to check out the river, my cat sneaked out of the door. I was scared for her I didn’t want her to get swept away by the water.

The water came just to the edge of the deck. I saw dead cats floating by. I was suddenly afraid one of those cats was my own cat.

Then I saw schools of fish swimming by. Then there was this huge shadow coming towards the deck. It swam under the deck and popped up, scared the crap out of me.

Looked like an alligator to me at first.

 The animal knew me and talked to me. He was my imaginary friend when I was a child. “Hey Jodi where have you been, why don’t you visit any more?”He was a dragon at first, then became a big bear like Baloo in Junglebook.  That is what imaginary friends can do. Change into anything you want them to.

He assumed the position for a back scratch, said he wasn’t leaving until he got a good scratching like he used to get whenever I visited him.


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