dream food machine

I was at some kind of resort with  my children. There was a tour and at the end of the tour there was a machine, a person could wish for their favorite food.  The person would make a wish at the beginning of the machine. At the end of the machine the food came out on a conveyor. There were so many wishes that the machine was going crazy, going so fast.  The people couldn’t get to the other end of the machine to catch the food coming out. 

I was standing at the end, trying to catch my food items. The food was piling up and getting meshed together. Someone wished for a big bucket of  American potato salad. It squished all over everything. It was getting to be a gross sight.  There were bottles of wine, champagne, big sticks of summer sausage, desserts, ribs, etc.

It was tempting at first to grab other people’s wishes. There so many goodies coming out of the machine. And they would never know it was missing there was so much food coming out of this machine.  There was no way to tell whose dream food  belonged to who.

I lost my appetite after it started to  get real messy and gross.

All this food and people trying to grab their food, the crowd pushed me  and the children out of the building into the next part of the tour.

It was a boat ride through a river wetland. But we missed the boat at first. We had to try to catch the boat while the boat was moving, to get on the boat.  We  kept falling into the shallow water of the boat launch.

It was kind of fun falling to the water.   It was getting really frustrating, my kids were getting antsy to go.

We  finally caught a boat. 

The view of the river and the surrounding area was so beautiful, peaceful and calm . 

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