one of those dreams that get too weird

Now my other cat started to visit me. My tiger striped cat, I played with throughout high school. We were best pals.

*I was dreaming I was sleeping. My hand was hanging out and my cat was playfully attacking my hand. I woke up to play with her. But I had to try to be quiet, because my family was sleeping in the other bedrooms.

My cat started to meow too much.  I thought she might be hungry. I didn’t have cat food.

*This is where reality set in. In real life I don’t have a cat. I don’t really need to have cat food in the house. In my dream I was also living in an apartment where cats were not allowed.

I did get up to find some cereal and milk. That was a close to cat food I could find.

Later on I was dreaming my family was awake and in the living room. Somehow the apartment turned into an older house. With a separate living quarters upstairs.

I was playing with my cat some more. The living room was becoming a mess. Then there were eggs broken all over the floor. I don’t know how or who was throwing eggs.

*Trying to clean up the mess was becoming impossible. The mess kept getting bigger and bigger. Someone was using too much water. The floor suddenly became flooded with water.

There was some noise coming from the upstairs. There was supposed to be nobody up there. I went out into the hallway, to go up the stairs leading to upper level.  Just before I reached the top of the stairs…..

The door opened all by itself and there was nobody there…

I was frozen in fear. I tried to get back down the stairs. What ever was up there was making it hard for me to get back down the stairs.  After much struggling to get back down the stairs, I finally ran back to the lower level into the living room to tell every one what just had happened.

Dream ended there, when the alarm clock went of.

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