I was taking a long walk and it looks like I am approaching a town East of where I live. But it also looks like a town West of where I live too.  My final destination was actually the next town east.

When I entered town, I stopped at a gas station. There was a fundraiser booth outside on the property of the gas station. There was a “must have” t-shirt with a logo of green A’s. That is where I got the idea of where I was, the letter A is the first letter of the town West of where I live.

I wanted that t-shirt and I realized I didn’t have any money on me.

But when I went inside the gas station I must have suddenly had money.  I had a huge plastic bag full of giant Hershey’s candy bars.  One I already started to eat too. Then this strange lady approached me, she grabbed the candy bar I had started to eat, she took a bite.

I was having trouble getting around the gas station I don’t know why.

I could taste that chocolate


                                                                                           it was too good for just a dream. 

*I have been thinking of what the A’s represent. I can’t seem to find a logo like that any where.  The A’s feel really important.

I also noticed the gas station was a Shell station. There was a Mobile station that just switched over to Shell in my town.  I hadn’t been there for a long time and I was surprised by the change. That is another clue to where I might be. I knew the town in the West has a Shell gas station and I have been in this gas station. But I felt my destination was the next town east.







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