British dude takes a dive then I eat, drink,and get drunk

I was visiting someone with my family. We were in a bed and breakfast lodging on a mountain side. There was an actor in the house. I think my dad challenged the actor to do a stunt. Diving off a cliff into the ocean. This other British dude in the room. Just took off and jumped to prove he was a brave man. He didnt land right. He was beginning to drown.  My dad jumped in to save the guy. Then the British guy is strapped in a gurney hanging vertically. (don’t know why  he’s hanging from the ceiling, dreams do that) We were waiting for ambulance to pick him up for more treatment. The actor is boasting more about  all his stunts he did in his movies.

// The British dude wakes up rips himself out of the straps and IV, pretends he is ok and nothing ever happened. Acting like tough guy like the actor. My family packed up and headed to the next destination.
I’m in a bar, looks like I’m at a class reunion in a dance hall part of the facility. Some of the guys  from my class were giving speeches. I was throwing popcorn at them I was paying them back for all the times they made fun of me while I gave speeches at school.
I went into the restaurant and there was bottles of beer and food on each table, as I was finding a place to sit I grabbed a beer and started to drink. I believe I was already drinking something I was real tipsy. I was getting more drunk with each sip. The food was a plate of tortillas and all the fixings. I could really taste it and smell the food and beer. The beer went down so smooth and refreshing. The beer lime flavored  so good and refreshing.
My brother and the British dude were at the table I was acting stupid. Don’t know how the British dude got back.
// I was acting stupid because I was so drunk. I was embarrassing my brother.
*In this dream I felt really drunk. I woke up I was feeling bed spins. The British guy reminds of me of Winchester from the show MASH

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