stairs to a tunnel

I was at work in factory working a different section. I was done with my job and I had to go back to my section. I couldn’t remember the right stairs that took me right back to my station. I found a stairs that slowly turned into tunnel then colorful slide I was sliding through.There was no other way but down. The design and colors on walls had a affect that made a person dizzy while sliding through.

I don’t know where I landed or if I got to where I wanted to go.
Before I found the stairs with the tunnel. I found a stairs that took me to the store front of the factory. The factory had department store and restaurant in front to sell the products produced.
*I realized I have been through this tunnel before in a different dream. It was an old abandoned fun way to get to my work section. I forgot what happens when I took this tunnel before. I also have been to this workplace many times in other dreams.
*This also is the 2nd dream  in the same night I am dizzy, I actually was fighting an upset stomach.

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