brother in-law’s friend

I was in the house where I grew up in. There was a family gathering going on. We were waiting for my sister and her husband to arrive. They came with a friend, the friend went immediately to the bathroom, left the bathroom door open while he was taking a dump. My brother, brother in-law, and husband all were by the bathroom and talking to him. I don’t know what was so important they couldn’t wait til the guy was done.
*I did notice my brother in-law looked like Patrick Swayze. Not! in real life. I was ready to follow him around. I don’t like my brother in-law in real life. Wouldn’t even think of looking at him. I was hoping he really was Patrick Swayze.
Scary mysterious things started to happen at the house as soon as this unexpected guest arrived. (The brother in-law’s friend.) The lights started to flicker and the table that was set for dinner, the candles were suddenly lit and melted too fast. There was scary, threatening, writing appearing on the walls. Then this big thunderstorm came and the sky turned so dark it looked like night. There were like scary body shapes like zombies out in the yard coming towards the house. 
My sister said bad things keep happening to them when they go out with this friend.
Then there was another guest I don’t know him or when he came. I think he was following the friend of my brother in-law. The friend turned out to be the source of the bad things. This unknown guest came to get rid of the evil presence. Bad things happened to every one in the surrounding  area whenever this guy was around. Spirits were also disturbed. That is what was outside surrounding the house and coming towards the house.
This evil spirit chaser, came with like a Ironman suit and a huge army truck was parked outside.
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The guy couldn’t get the job done himself, his girl partner came with a like  suped up car View Image
that was actually a transformer too.
Don’t know what kind of battle there was, I ended up on a boat to a tropical island with a handsome black guy to celebrate.

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