I was dreaming of the house I grew up in. It was like long after Christmas.   The Christmas tree was still up.  Family members were camped out on the living room floor for a sleepover. Like a party for the Super Bowl game.

I noticed my cat Tiger was staring and growling at something in the corner of the ceiling.  It was a big spider coming down a web.  I was freaking out about that.  I went for a closer look and brushed against the Christmas tree. There was a big spider web and the web like jumped onto my clothes with a spider on it.  I run into  the kitchen where I run into another spider web.   I run to get away, trying to get to my bedroom, without running over the guys laying on the floor.

One of the guys (a handsome black guy) helped me calm down and get the spider webs off my clothes. He whispered in my ears, I ‘ll visit you later and kissed me on the neck.


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