found money in the end

I was dreaming I was back at my old house again. This time there was a weird sleeping arrangement upstairs, there were beds in the hallway. When there isn’t really any room in the hallway for bed. There was 2 beds. My sister grabbed one near the window. Mine was right next to the stairs.  I was freaking out about mine. I was worried about the way I toss and turn all night and then falling out of bed then down the stairs.
Never really made it to bed. I was digging through some old purses. I found an uncashed 50 dollar money order and some cash. My sister and I, got my brother, we out to cash it and have some fun. But then we couldn’t decide where to have fun. Fed up on this dream and I quit it.
At my job that day, a woman found money in a pants she was pricing.

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