sleepwalking thief

I dreamed I was part of a crime investigation team, at a resort. There was a woman stealing clothes in the middle of the night. After many nights of watching her. We determined she was sleepwalking. She was doing this the same time every night and come home to got to bed. Every night she had bags of clothes and she would wake up not knowing how she got them.
We searched the room. We found a transmitter in her clothes. Someone was sending her hypnotic messages and the messages started the same time every night.
We followed her this time, she met with her ex husband. It was her ex husband behind this all the time. He would pretend to be on a date with her and lead her to a store and steal clothes.
The next night we tapped into the transmitter and sent her messages to wake up after she started to receive messages. Then I entered and told what was going on.
We searched the room. We found another transmitter in another shirt, the ex husband had a back up and was sending messages through that one trying to get his ex wife to keep stealing. I ripped the transmitter out, searched for the perfect place to dump the transmitter to send a message to the ex husband that his game was over, he had been found out.
One of the people in my team was a little Chinese American guy, when he found the other transmitter, he said “Shut Up already!”
I run through the resort, this is where I found out what kind of cool resort I am at. It was on an ocean front, one side looked like a ship side, a ship deck just above the water where one could swim, a pier for fishing and boating. I found an area for water sports only. It was all connected just walk down the deck and transforms into the pier and separate areas. When I went back inside there was huge food court and game room area, it was connected to an indoor pool area where people were laying out and swimming.
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Found an area where there was clay pigeon shooting. I threw up the wiretap and someone shot at it blowing it to pieces.

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