dead president’s hauntings

I was walking through a beautiful cemetery. It was supposed to be where all the past presidents were buried. There was like a guest house in the middle where there would be memorial services and receptions.

This cemetery was known for the ghosts of all the presidents haunt the guest house and current presidents come for advice.

I walk past the house, it had a big picture window. I witnessed it myself, the ghosts of all the presidents in a heated debate of the current state of the US government and what advice to give to the current president to solve the problems.

I was in awe; there was George Washington, Abraham Lincoln talking together. It was a fun show to watch. I couldn’t hear everything they were saying I was afraid to go in and scare them away.  What I could hear was mumbling from where I was. Don’t remember the rest of the presidents that were there. The room was full.

* I know the all the dead presidents were not buried in the same cemetery.  Maybe this sort of thing really happens in the White House or in the memorials. Can the presidents rest in peace when the country in a mess?


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