the trip that ended in a church

I was traveling in a coach bus on a highway; first destination was amusement park, we take an exit going through a neighborhood all the buses and traffic was backed up. It was a detour. We went through a huge cemetery it was on both sides of the road I noticed all the vaults and headstones were on blocks above ground. I looked on the other side of the street I saw all the vaults and stones dumped in a pile like in a dump. It looked like they were clearing a cemetery to make room for more housing.

We were stopped at a place where people could change buses a man got off without his belongings. It was time to continue but we didn’t know if we should wait for the man. The bus driver didn’t care.

We were still in a neighborhood in a line of buses in front of people’s homes this street was crowded with buses and cars making the street very narrow to pass.

We decided go to church up ahead.

The people who suddenly decided to be Christians were not being very friendly in the church they would enter a pew and not leave room for others to join them making it hard to find a place quickly and the church was filling up fast. I was getting frustrated and very disappointed with the group I was with they were so friendly and wonderful on the bus.

I noticed the neighborhood adapted to the crowds gathering in front of their houses, some had food and refreshment stands in their front yard or selling their crafts etc.

*This reminded me of traffic in Nigerian streets.

*I also think this was about Ash Wednesday service at my church.  I went to service with the children in the morning. A group of children were encouraged to sit with some of the adults, some were not too keen on that. I was one of those adults.

*I also have frequent cemetery dreams to be continued…… See dead president’s hauntings


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