dorm dream

I was living in a dorm like a rehab had an RA (residential counselor) on the floor. It was coed men and women. There were some tough men there, I was was a little scared of them. One of the rules was when in the dorm room, the doors had to be open while in the room, at night closed and unlocked.

I had nice room with big TV and bed, it was very comfortable. The RA came in to check on me a lot making sure I am following the rules or if I needed counseling. A group of guys came to visit. After they left one guy left a carved message on my table.

Carved message on my table was my name + his name + heart shape+ why not? I was then scared to leave my doors open, I had 2 doors to worry about. That is why the RA always comes to check on too. Making sure my doors are open.

I tried blocking one door with a bookshelf and lock the other I was afraid of this guy paying me a visit in the middle of the night. But the counselor keep finding out about my doors. I was going to lose my place to live if  I didn’t follow the rules.

There was also a rule that anyone was welcome to drop in any time he someone needed to talk. Like a support system.


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