strange bird

Was in the apartment my ex and I first lived I was wondering why he was sleeping on the sofa instead our bed. During the whole dream I was trying to get him to come back to the bed but he kept finding excuses not to come with me. After the final attempt he went out on the balcony to smoke I went out there too. It was a warm sunny morning. We were looking into the trees. There came this strange bird waddling on the ground.

The bird was orange yellow and white on the belly with black feathers on the back. Looked like a penguin, waddled like a penguin, and size of a penguin. It waddled towards the balcony.

Then the bird looked like an ostrich with a really long neck it was able to reach up to the balcony. It poked his head right towards us. My ex swats his head made the bird run off.


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