Toy Story Dream

Had a Toy Story dream I think I was a toy or I was just observing a story. A mean guy and his mean dog were doing mean things to the family he lived next to.  The toys started to retaliate, doing something  back each time the guy did something mean to the family. Things were so bad the children and their toys were afraid to play outside. But some kids and toys forgot, they were sick of not playing outside and went out to play anyway. Here come the mean guy and the dog. It was actually a plot to finally get the guy. The toys hatched a plan the night before….

While the toys were making a plan. All the toys from the mean guys house entered the house. The toys thought they were mean toys, like the guy and were coming to fight. There was a life size Barbie with her hair cut off (stubbly) and tattoos she looked so mean, but all the toys just sat down and joined forces. Back to the battle…

Not sure what the final battle was…..  all I remember was Buzz Lightyear flying through a basketball hoop at the last minute symbolizing final victory and the scoreboard read “Good guys 100, Bad guy 99”  meaning, guy finally defeated and gave up, a victory celebration began.

The mean guy was like older version of Sid Go to fullsize image

and Barbie that scary doll head Go to fullsize imageSid made.

It was a constant battle between the 2 houses.


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