dream about my cat “keewee”

Dream about my cat “keewee” Fluffy, black and white, female coon cat.

I thought I was awake. I felt my cat run up and down my bed. I caught her on one of her passes.

This dream felt so real, I thought I woke up just to catch her to find out if she was really visiting me.

When I caught her, I felt her claw my hand. It hurt!

That is when I really woke up.

* My favorite and most dear cat visits me in my dreams often.

This felt like “Nightmare on Elm Street”. I thought I was going to reach for and grab her out of my dream.  I was trying to catch her for real this time. My cat never lets me touch her or catch her in my dreams. When I try, she disappears.

I swear I was touching the bed for real. When I woke up I was holding my blanket as if I was holding her. The pain from the clawing was so intense and real. That really scared me! I was shaking when I woke up.

Keewee visits me alot. You will see.


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