there’s a deer on my leg

I was looking out a window at night, on a hot summer night. There was no screen on the window the curtain was hanging out the window, a deer climbed up the curtain and it hung to my leg. I couldn’t get it off.
I struggled to walk to the living room to get help from my family. They were too busy having a drinking party and too wasted to do something.
There I was laying there on the floor with a deer hanging on to my leg. I couldn’t get it off.
My brother wrestled it off my leg.
My brother pushed the deer out the sliding door and off the balcony.
Then, I am back looking out the same window and the same deer is climbing up the curtain again. This time I’m fighting back and trying to push it back down. 
Afraid that the dream was starting over, I wake up from the dream….
*I was pushing down on my pillow for real.

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