new beginning?

In this dream, I was girlfriend of a Hispanic man. He suddenly decided to make a change for the better in his life. He was going to leave his gang behind. I was so impressed with the way he wanted to change and I could see he really was excited with his new business idea.
He found a person to invest in his idea. He had a truck for the business the investor looked over the truck to make sure it was in good condition and the investor would fix whatever was wrong with the truck or improve the truck for the business.
My boyfriend had all this stuff, stuffed in the truck. I believe he was living in there too. I am not sure don’t remember those details. All I know when the investor was looking over the truck all this stuff was being taken out. I don’t know how all that stuff fit in there. Some of the stuff were my boyfriend’s favorite things. The investor was ditching everything. I saw my boyfriend’s sad face. He had a huge collection of bobble dancing ladies. I secretly hid them and kept them for him. I surprised him  later when the investor was gone.
Just when I thought we were on the road to a new beginning in life. I was in the truck waiting for my boyfriend, we were at a service station and the truck is ready to go. I see my boyfriend talking on a pay phone. I see the look on his face, the expressions on his face and body language. I swear he was making a deal with his gang.
I didn’t know what to do; what and see, or get out of there.
My dream ended right there.

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