tiger dream

This dream im in my old house with my mom sister and brother. My dad moved out. I was up early in the morning I found chocolate filled pastries I was really enjoying eating them, I could taste the chocolate and feel the filling ooze out.

Then I realized it was time to get ready for school. I went upstairs to wake up brother and sister. I get dressed and go back down to find my brother eating cake on a table in the living room. There was no cake in kitchen when I was there.

I found my mom trying to bake, cakes and pies in the microwave with  huge metal baking sheet.

Most of the cakes and pies were burned.
I dont know how she fit the baking sheet inside but I saw it with my own eyes.
The kitchen was a disaster.
My sister was in the bathroom. I was sitting at the table waiting for my turn.
I really have to go the bathroom baddd! I remembered there was a toilet in the basement so I started to go down.
Everything in the basement was gone and the floor was partially flooded especially where I wanted to go.
I go back upstairs my tiger(pronounced tigger)cat passes by. She completely ignored the chance to go down and play. When I was younger, whenever the door opened tiger always run right down there. Me and tiger played there all the time.
Mom took away all her hide and seek spots she doesn’t even want to look down there any more. I also was gone too long for tiger to remember we used to play down there.

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