after the bacon strip road

First part of the dream, I was driving my children to school, to the next town. There were police cars blocking the road just before the town. Instead of stopping to see or ask what was going on or find out if I could get into town. I turned around to head back home.

A portion of the road turned into giant road sized bacon strips, it was like driving on snow. It was bacon for only a mile. But that is not where the police were it bacon was before where the police were.

On my way back home, suddenly my husband was in the car, he was driving. He was mad at me for not dropping of the kids or finding out if I could drop off the kids. I didn’t think of that. I tried to get my husband to turn around so the kids wouldn’t miss school.

But my husband wanted to complete his errand he said he had to get the Piggly Wiggly store first.

But we didn’t end up there. We end up at some historical building. We went in and took a tour. It was strange. We had to follow stairs that go down only, down into the building.

My 2 sons always ran ahead and I would lose track of them. I would get frantic and yell for them to come back and stay with our family. My husband was no help in stopping them either. 

Another problem arose. My mother showed up. I do not get along with my mother in real life. In this dream I was so scared when I saw her and tried to let my husband she was there. Now I had even more reasons to be scared. And to keep my children together with me.

My mother might try to sneak away with my kids.

My husband wasn’t worried, let the boys be boys. While take care of my daughter, she was to little to run off with the boys. I couldn’t run with her.

I lost track of my whole family at level 5. I found a tiny number on the wall among all the historical photos and stories. All the levels looked the same.

I also finally found a phone on the wall. I then realized I could use the speaker function to call my family back together on my level.

Every time I look through a crowd of boys they all looked my kids I couldn’t tell them apart.


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