black and white

I fell asleep watching Freedom Rider documentary on PBS.

I dreamed a few dream skits.

The first I had a black boyfriend, my parents didn’t approve. My boyfriend was a doctor. I pretend to be sick and he pretend was the only doctor available at the time to make a housecall.

It was the only way I could see my boyfriend and every time my parents were not looking. We would kiss.

This dream looked like a 50’s sitcom.

The second dream was more of a drama.

My white family were friends with a black family and we not accepted in our town.

There was a dance at the school, we planned to go to the dance together, but the town didn’t want us to.

I was sitting on a bed with my black friends we were getting ready to go to a party. I could see crowds of white people coming to surround the house to keep us from going,  I saw a hand and a knife reach through the window close to stabbing my friend. 

I found a beautiful dress and shoes. Couldn’t wait to put it on.

I looked for a bathroom to take a shower and get dressed. Found a bathroom that was just big enough to fit one body.

The hour was coming for us to attempt to go to the party. The crowd of white people were still outside waiting.

That was the end, it was morning time to wake up and go to work.


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