a school that didn’t allow girls to play sports

I dreamed I was at a school that didn’t allow girls to play sports, they were allowed to play them in physical education but not allowed to compete with other schools.

There was a new coach in the school and had developed a good basketball team. The coach thought she convinced the school to allow the team to compete in the conference.

Some of the team members were being bullied by the boys in the school up until the game. Even by black  students who didn’t have it better. The blacks were segregated from the white, had their own teachers, classes, gym, sports, and cafeteria,etc.

Then came the game day. There were 3 gyms. The team went to all the gyms, the first 2 had games all ready playing. The last gym was empty and not ready for a game. We thought we had to get the gym ready on our own.

Then came a black choir group, they came to get the gym ready for their show. The basketball team never got to play.

My personal experience in the dream, I was one of the players. I got bullied in the locker room by some jocks. It was scary. They come close to getting physically violent.

Later on, there were 2 older guys following me around. I thought I was in danger. I was trying to run away from them, but they caught up with me. Here they were undercover police trying to protect me. They asked me about the bullying incident and told me to report all the bullying.


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