Oh dad, something happened to your bike!

I dreamed I was in my old house where I grew up. I had to go the bathroom, but my dad was there and I really had to go.

 I remembered there was a toilet and shower in the basement.

I hated going down there by the toilet, in real life because its really creepy to me. Once there was dead rat in front of the toilet. But I have no problem playing with my cat down there. Funny!

I got down the stairs and head toward the toilet, there were all our bikes at the landing of the stairs. The bikes were blocking the path.

My dad said he brought the bikes in for the winter, I don’t know why we did have a garage. We kept our bikes there during the winter before.

I started to move the bikes so Icould get to the toilet. I get to my dad’s bike I picked it up to move it.  When I set the bike down the tires exploded like a bomb blast. Like I set it on a mine.  I could see sparks and there was smoke like a bomb.

I was scared to tell my dad I wrecked his bike and he would blame it on me.  

I got upstairs. Nobody heard the blast. Nobody believed me what happened.

I don’t think I ever made it to the toilet.

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