ran off with the new car

I dreamed I was at my home that I lived in growing up with my family, the house we had in the country.  But my sister brother and I were teenagers in this dream. We were in elemetary school in this house not old enough to have boyfriends or drive.
My sister had a new boyfriend, he was a car mechanic, and drove a tow truck. I didn’t like him and I didn’t trust him. I had a bad feeling about him.
My parents had just bought a brand new car, with internet access and all that technology. It even came with a cell phone programed with all the necessary phone numbers like the dealership, manufacturer, repair shop, roadside assistane etc.
My parents went to work, my sisters boyfriend showed up with a buddy. He parked the tow truck out back. He convinced my sister it was ok to take the brand new car for spin. He even convinced my brother to come along. Since I was the oldest my parents left me in charge.
I had a really bad feeling, I convinced my sister and brother to get out of the car. The boyfriend would not get out of the car. The boyfriend and buddy took of with the car.
I go into the house to call the police. This were I get stupid in the dream. I can’t remember: the name of the car, the number on the plates, or description. I can’t remember the names of the guys and their description too.
There was one thing that could help, was that phone connected to the car. All would have to do is say my last name, they could come up with the information of the car, I could tell them what happened and they could call the police for us. They could even turn off the car to stop them from getting away.
We couldn’t follow them with their tow truck, no keys and no gas. We were also supposed to be on our way to school  we were actually waiting for the bus before all this happen.
My house looked like a part of a junkyard, in real life the farm behind the house turned into a junkyard and in my dream the junkyard encompassed my house. I think the owner of the junkyard bought the house because he was running out of room.

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