momma lays on the baby/update

I was visiting a town that was having a citywide festival. I think I was visiting my dad too. Or my dad was my ride.

I was downtown listening to a group of ex-con converted to the Christian faith they were singing gospel music. They were also telling their stories of how God changed their lives.

When the show was over it was time to go back to my dad’s relative’s house. I think one of the group a girl was my dad’s relative.  I don’t know her. 

The house was a mess.

She had a baby daughter. She said her daughter had a condition where her bones would break.

I watched her take care of the baby. She placed the baby what looked like a hard surfaced bed and strapped the baby to the bed. Then the mother said it was ok to lay on top of the baby to help the baby sleep. 

I wanted to get out of that house really bad, but I had to wait for my dad to come. I search for my phone I found it broken into pieces. I couldn’t remember my dad’s number.

I run downstairs to tell somone that the girl is laying on the baby. The next thing the girl is gone with the baby.

that’s where it ended.


Take a look at this, soon after I had this dream.

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