parade for the race

I dreamed there was a race car event coming to town. There was a parade with all the drivers.

One of the drivers stopped to talk to me. I thought we were stopped at a gas station. We were talking, suddenly he was like being lifted up. Here he was in a mini/personal hot air balloon. Here I look around all the other drivers had one too. The balloon was the shape of the race car they were driving. It was like Macy’s parade only smaller balloons.

But the driver did pull off to the side, he wasn’t done talking to me. There was some kind of controversy about this driver. He come back to racing but he looked like a different man. I didn’t know anything about it.

When I was done I hurried to my room to search on the internet to find out what he used to look like.

I had the name of the guy in my head up until I woke up. Martinez or Martino.


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