I had these 2 dreams the same night and the were very much alike.

First one: I was traveling on my way home. I came to a crossroad. I couldn’t decide which way I wanted to go. Which route was the longest? I haven’t been both ways in long time.

In this dream, the crossroad at the same spot in another dream. Where my mom was living in this dream… 

2nd dream.

I was traveling along. I was unfamiliar of where I was, until I came to a turn. I knew just over the hill, would be the Twin Cities. I went to school in the Twin Cities. I have been at this point in many dreams before. But this time I didn’t want to go there. 

I guess I just didn’t want to go there and remember all the good times I had there. Knowing I can’t go back and relive it all. Or change my path. I was supposed to go to San Francisco for advanced training when I left the cities. But I chose to go home. If I didn’t go home I never would have met my husband and had 3 beautiful children. But now I am stuck in a mess. I could have more experience and a career.

Every time I dream about the cities, I go over that hill and see the skyline I go crazy. I go exploring the whole city too.


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