chaos in the old house

In this dream I am back in the same house in the previous dream nuclear bomb threat. I had this dream the same night.

I am in the living room and its chaos,toys and things every where. My dad was about to come home. And it was time for bed. I cleaned up everything and arranged things neatly in boxes. Then I brought everything upstairs to store them.

I got ready for bed, I get feel a lump and it attacked me under the sheets. It was my cat Tiger (tigger). Doing her thing to me liked she did so many times before.

My dad had a project going on in the den. He was assembling or restoring old chairs. There were parts and newspapers covering the floor.

We had a basement for that kind of work. His work was taking up space upstairs. But at least he was doing something creative and useful.

I kept seeing my brother playing with chair parts. Pretending he was behind bars with the chair backs.

There was something about a chocolate fest that my school had every year, that wasn’t true. I really had to dig in my brain in the dream to see where this came from. And if it were really true. It might be because I had chocolate mint Klondike ice cream bars before I went to sleep.

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