nuclear bomb threat

I was sitting around the dinner table with my family, we were having dinner and listening to the radio on a warm summer day.

Then a warning came over the radio, a country threatened the US with a nuclear bomb.

We were in the basement waiting for more info, there was no time to evacuate. My mom wanted to go outside. I freaked out and asked WHY! I begged her not to go out!

Then I heard the sound of a jet that it makes when flying over.

I thought it was the sound of the bomb flying over head.

I then left the dream right there in suspense I didn’t want to know what was next. I didn’t want my dream to wander to that.

In this dream, I was in the house when the cold war was taking place too.

Oh the tension and suspense in this dream! I haven’t had one of these dreams about  nuclear threats in a really long time.

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