watching too much ATG

In this dream, I travelled to my hometown. I found there was a new theater built. There was a grand opening. There was outside dinning area.

I was with a group of people. I thought they were my family at first. Until I sat downto enjoy my meal. I looked up there was Piers Morgan   He was sitting across from me.

I needled him just like Howie does.

Piers Morgan said” Nobody in America knows how to sing and dance.”

I said America kicked British butts out 235 years ago. The Declaration of Independance doesn’t cover your ass.

You know in dreams, things said are complete jibberish.

Well Piers never got a chance to eat the fat pork chops. I couldn’t wait for him give the X  for the pork chops. He didn’t like the theatre!

I tried to remember who people I was sitting with but Piers was taking up all my memory.


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