something definitely wrong with this guy

This dream I was visiting my grandmother. She had a huge house with many rooms she rented out to college students.

One of my favorite things I liked to do as a kid was hiding out in closets.

In this dream I went into the basement. I have been to this bedroom in the basement many times in other dreams. It’s my favorite bedroom in the whole house.

I thought the bedroom was unoccupied. I heard someone coming into the room. It was a nerdy looking guy. I first hid under the bed. He lay on the bed and couldn’t get comfortable. He looked under the bed he found me.

He said I heard about you, and how you hide in places. I then realized I was naked. I was standing there naked and trying to cover up with just my hands. He walked out for a minute. He was giving me time to leave. He expected me to leave without my clothes! But I didn’t I hid in the closet.

He lost something; I see him search the bed and under the bed, then reached under the closet. He touched me. He opened the closet doors. He is on the bed yelling at me, why didn’t you leave, why are you picking on me. Go back to your family upstairs. He was really whining like a sissy.

I said you should be become an actor, that was an Academy Award performance!

I jumped on the bed and tried to tickle him to death to stop him from being so upset and relax.

That is where the dream quit.

There is something definitely wrong with this guy, when he is whining and complaining when there is a naked girl in the room. I do possess physical features any man would love to look at and touch.

I think I was naked because I wanted to take a shower before the boy showed up.

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