undertaker dude wanted to wear pink trench coat

My dream was all mixed up, not even sure it was all the same dream, but it did seem to go on and on.

First I was in class; I was expecting some of my classmates to show up anytime. But I had the feeling these 2 people are really annoying I dreaded being around them.

I forgot my pencil and notebook. I hated that. I was going to miss out on important information. The teacher was very interesting and I wanted to remember his little quotes.

The teacher was like Kung Fu’s Kwai Chang Caine. He also had some magic. I was distracted by the 2 people. The teacher said something funny I missed it.  I looked up and saw all the classmates made a huge tent with blankets. I could see flashing lights. I peeked into the tent I could see a movie. Looked like animals escaping something evil. There was one animal left on the side of the mountain. The group that was watching the movie was yelling at the animal to get out of there.  We thought it was an animal. One of the people reached out to touch the animal. It was just fur fluff, like animal shedding fur.

David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine

Then the evil came over the mountain. It came out of the movie. It ripped the carpet and destroyed rooms in the house. The evil just walked out of the house.

And that was the end of the evil in this dream.

This all took place in a Mexican family house.

We all helped restore the house.

The father of the family proudly showed us his choices of furniture and carpet for the living room. It was a beautiful carpet and sofa that matched really well. This part of the dream was more like Nate Berkus show.

Then the Mexican family was having a rummage sale. There was a bin full of jackets. I was wearing this cool long leather trench coat. It was really way too big for me.

This big scary dude came he looked like the Undertaker, he was looking at a pink leather trench coat and tried it on. He said reminds me of my dad’s leather jacket. I said I think I have a better jacket for you. I gave him mine. Please try it on. He didn’t want to take it at first. He gave me 100.00 for it. I bought the pink one. We were all very scared of this dude.








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