Boom it was there!

This dream started out like Time Machine movie and a Sims game. I was like travelling through town and watched all the changes over the years take place before my eyes.

I believe I was on my way to the hospital. I saw a bridge placed over the road like a toy being placed by a child.

Boom it was there!

I was distracted by my curiosity to explore the rest of the town to see what else was happening in this dream.

I saw bridges that used to go over the river way back when and then new bridges taking their place which are the current bridges of  today.

Then I come across a beach and an access to the river, which is now under water today.

I stopped to explore and time stopped progressing too.

I climb down the embankment and on the landing I found a baby chick I rescued it I let it perch on my shoulder.

There were people on the beach fishing.

Then these 2 water buffalo appeared and started to approach me. I was afraid. I thought they wanted me to scratch their back they were rubbing against me. I thought they wanted to play too. But they were grumpy and tried to push me into the water.

The pushing made the chick fall off my shoulder, the chick tried to catch a minnow in a shallow spot. The chick was in trouble again. I rescued it again.

The water buffalo were still causing trouble, I got out of there. When I get to the top of the embankment the chick tumbled off my shoulder and all the way over the steps of the embankment and into the water. And a big fish jumped up and swallowed.  

I must have been screaming or hollering because my throat is sore like I was yelling at rock concert.


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