getting ready for school

I dreamed I was getting my kids ready for the 1st day of school.

I couldn’t find their clothes. There was  hidden in a box for a surprise on the 1st day of school. Special clothes.

My daughter found the box under the bed. I thought the clothes would be too big for her, but they magically fit and my daughter looked cool.

My kids went the walk-in closet and turned on a vent fan. It was very loud. I couldn’t find a way to turn it off.

Then come to me finally finding my clothes. I realize I did have any clothes to wear or  I can’t remember where my clohtes were.

Then I realized my dream was about me and my kids, living with my mother and stepfather.

The closet was theirs. I checked out the clothes.

My stepfather had only flanned shirts and sweat pants. My mom side was jammed pack with clothes.

The leather jacket was baaaack!

This time it was red.

This dream was about me anxious about going to a job agency for interview and orientation. What to where?

The fan was actually the fan blowing in my room. For some reason the noise was really disturbing my dream.

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