end with a bang

Last night the dream was like a bachelor reality show or contest.  It was like bunch of guys competing for a bunch of girls.

Each of the guys picked a girl they wanted to impress and win their heart.

Each guy built a pedestal for their favorite girl.  Most were very elegant, dreamy and huge. They reminded me of Rose Bowl Parade floats but not that big.

But there was one that was like very small and very simple. Many of the girls were not impressed and avoided it. The girls had to pick one and go out with the guy that made it. When there was only one left and one girl left she had no choice but to choose it.

The girl complained why so small and dull. Is this what the guy thinks of himself?

I never saw what the guys looked like. So when the girls were ready to meet their mates. It was a big surprise! The guy were big huge overweight guys. They were not really very handsome.

The only handsome guy in the room was the MC of the show.

Later on was like a finale and there were was a fireworks show outside. We were watching. There were several volleys but no bursts or booms.  We could see the glowing ends flying through the air and there was the expectations for the booms and bursts.  A bunch of duds!

I was remarking to myself, that was a bunch of money wasted.

Then there was one big one. It looked like a glowing ball of colors, that glowed for a long time after the burst. Reminded me of the eclipse of the sun or the spots you see sometimes when you close your eyes.

That was where the dream left off.


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