9/11 Dreams

Long before 9/11  I had these dreams…

I used to have dreams ever since Desert Storm. Ever since I heard some threat that Sadam or some other leader was going to attack us when we least expect it.

I dreamed of planes crashing into buildings. I don’t know if  that was a prediction dream. How would I explain what I saw in my dreams without getting pegged crazy?

This one particular dream.

I dreamed I was attending 4th of July parade, it was an annual thing for WWII planes to fly over the parade. I dreamed the planes flew over but crashed into buildings. We all thought it was all an accident when it was just one plane but it was all the planes. Then the crowd watching the parade realized it was an attack. We run for cover.

After this dream I thought WOW! Using our own antique planes to attack us. No one would suspect anyone who wants to buy an antique plane to use as a terrorist attack.

And this sort thing was being planned.

After 9/11

I had a dream where I think I was someone trapped under that rumble who gave up on being found. She closed her eyes and drew her last breath and let go.


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