helicopter or aerial tram?

In this dream I was a tourist but not too sure where.

I was on something helicopter or aerial tram-car that took me and other tourists over the land. I really don’t know what I was on I know we were able to hover over the land.

We saw a village with modern building designs next to some ancient looking buildings. One was neatly carved out of a rock wall or cliff.

I saw the words China carved in this building.

Then we were over a grassy area, we saw a big shape running all over through tall grass, we were not sure what animal it was.

We watched the animal it turned out to be a black ram and it joined the rest of the herd farther away.

Then my focus was on how or what was making us hover over the land like that.

Was it a helicopter or aerail tram but how could we follow the animals like that, magic of a dream?

Just after I pondered the car landed at another station answering my question.

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